This year, at Experience the Employment Connection, we invited participants to identify an individual whom they serve, and a build a team of individuals who are best suited to meet the needs of that person. Teams will attend the training together—enhancing the productivity and practicality of their Experience

Wondering what a team should look like? Check out these Team Examples

  1. Notice all individuals on each team directly support the targeted individual in some way (or their expertise will inform service planning)
  2. Teams do not necessarily need to include executive level staff

    Here are a few questions everyone is asking.

If you would still like to attend Experience the Employment Connection with a team, please identify your designated team leader when you register yourself for the event.

  1. Note: Each member of your team must register themselves for your regional event, as we want to ensure that individualized needs, such as disability-based accommodations and dietary restrictions are met.
  2. If you are the Team Lead, please type in your own name.

If you would like to attend Experience the Employment Connection as an individual, please register yourself for your regional event.

If you have a question about registration, please contact Joylyn Conklin at 717-432-2468, or email a representative from Experience the Employment Connection at

Pre-Training Activities

All participants are asked to complete the Internet Scavenger Hunt Activity prior to attending EEC 2017, so that you are familiar with the training content that will be covered during our full-day training session.
This activity is expected to take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time and is strongly encouraged. You may even know some of the answers already!

In addition to completing the Internet Scavenger Hunt, please select at least two (2) of the remaining four (4) optional activities to complete in advance, prior to the training. With each, be prepared to discuss what you’ve learned.

Each optional activity is expected to take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Please select two (2) of the following four (4) activities.

  1. Watch the Trailer for Bottom Dollars | A Rooted in Rights Original Documentary (2:34) and be prepared to share your reaction.
  2. Write down one question that you would like to ask an interagency colleague about helping individuals with disabilities achieve successful competitive integrated employment.
  3. Discuss the following question with an agency or interagency colleague and be prepared to discuss your reaction. “How does our (or your) service system define and envision independence?”
  4. Visit the EEC Resources Page and review the 2016 PowerPoint Presentation – Final and the Experience the Employment Connection: Acronyms, available under General Resources.

The EEC-2017-Team-Prep-Worksheet is designed to help teams gather their thoughts and/or information in advance, so they are prepared to engage in purposeful discussion during their regional training session. Teams may choose to fill out the worksheet in writing, but it is not required. It should be used as each team sees fit.

Remember that you may have the opportunity to speak with additional subject matter experts who aren’t already connected to your team or your student/individual.

For this reason, please take care to ensure that any and all confidential information is removed from any written materials or records you choose to bring to your regional training session. To the extent possible, your case materials should remain anonymous/unidentified.

Instructional Videos

Overview (1:44)

Training Content (2:05)

Target Audience (4:06)

Team-Based Registration (4:59)