Please feel free to utilize the following resources to support your efforts in assisting people with intellectual/developmental disabilities gain meaningful employment.

Office of Developmental Programs (Bureau of Autism Services and Intellectual Disability Services)

  1. State Employment Leadership Network (SELN)
  2. College of Direct Support (CDS)
  3. Dual Diagnosis Information

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

  1. Rehabilitation Services Handbook
  2. Transition Guide for Professionals

Bureau of Special Education

  1. Secondary Transition Road Map
  2. The PA Parent Guide to Special Education for School-Age Children
  3. PA Secondary Transition Directory

General Resources

    1. Experience the Employment Connection: Acronyms
    2. 2016 PowerPoint Presentation – Final
  1. Employment First Free Webinars
    1. Session 1: (December 2015) History and Context of Employment First
    2. Session 2: (March 2016) Success Stories: What is Possible in the World of Employment First
    3. Session 3: (June 2016) Funding and Support for Competitive Integrated Employment

2016 Participant Contact Information

  1. 2016 OVR Participant Contact Information Spreadsheet